The current state of machine intelligence 2.0 – O’Reilly Media

The current state of machine intelligence 2.0 – O’Reilly Media

A year ago today, I published my original attempt at mapping the machine intelligence ecosystem. So much has happened since.

I spent the last 12 months geeking out on every company and nibble of information I can find, chatting with hundreds of academics, entrepreneurs, and investors about machine intelligence. This year, given the explosion of activity, my focus is on highlighting areas of innovation, rather than on trying to be comprehensive.

Despite the noisy hype, which sometimes distracts, machine intelligence is already being used in several valuable ways. Machine intelligence already helps us get the important business information we need more quickly, monitors critical systems, feeds our population more efficiently, reduces the cost of health care, detects disease earlier, and so on.

The two biggest changes I’ve noted since I did this analysis last year are
(1) the emergence of autonomous systems in both the physical and virtual world
and (2) startups shifting away from building broad technology platforms to focusing on solving specific business problems.

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