About — Graphic Means

About — Graphic Means

It’s been roughly 30 years since the desktop computer revolutionized the way the graphic design industry works. For decades before that, it was the hands of industrious workers, and various ingenious machines and tools that brought type and image together on meticulously prepared paste-up boards, before they were sent to the printer.

The documentary, Graphic Means, which is now in production, will explore graphic design production of the 1950s through the 1990s—from linecaster to photocomposition, and from paste-up to PDF. Support the production of this independent film, by pre-ordering your copy here.

PS: Major props go to Doug Wilson and his team, the makers of Linotype: In Search of the Eighth Wonder of the World. Watching that film clarified so much of what I’d missed in the previous decades of typesetting. And it charmed, and entertained while doing so. If you haven’t watched the film yet—go do that ASAP!


Paul Brainerd: Co-founder of Aldus (producers of Pagemaker)

Colin Brignall + Dave Farey: Letraset typeface designers

Lou Brooks: illustrator, curator of The Museum of Forgotten Art Supplies

James Craig: author and educator

Steven Heller: writer, educator, designer

Cece Cutsforth: designer, educator

Tobias Frere-Jones: typeface designer

Ellen Lupton: designer, author, educator

Carolina de Bartolo: designer, writer, educator

Gene Gable: designer, writer, consultant

Ken Garland: designer, author, educator

Malcolm Garrett: designer, educator

Walter Graham: author, paste-up expert

Dan Rhatigan: typeface designer

Frank Romano: design historian, author, educator

Adrian Shaughnessy: designer, writer, publisher

Ian Swift: designer

Joe Erceg: designer



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