The Unbearable Homogeneity of Design — Medium

The Unbearable Homogeneity of Design — Medium

Section 1: What The Fuck Are We Doing, Tho?
Call it the Dribbblization of design, but we’re all making more or less the same thing.

Certainly, design should follow some basic paradigms to make whatever we’re designing easy to use. All scissors look fundamentally the same because that’s what works.

But digital design—whether it’s for desktop, mobile, VR, games, whatever—is still relatively young. We simply do not know what the best solutions are. At best, we’ve reached a local maximum. And so long as we reward predictable designs, we will never move past this local maximum.

“Empathy” in design doesn’t just mean designing for marginalized people. It can simply mean designing with the understanding that there are other aesthetics and world views than yours.

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